Mobile devices

As my patients know, I have stressed removal, at night, mobile devices. An journal article was just published in JAMA Pediatrics this week that concludes that phones, tablets and laptops, in addition to tv and videos, changes circadian rhythms and produces disordered sleep patterns. Their recommendation is that these devices should not used before bedtime, or even be in our children or adolescents rooms. It is speculated that the light from these devices affects circadian timing.

Michael Gold, MD

Influenza immunization

Influenza immunization is now available and strongly recommended for everyone above 6 months of age. Influenza commonly peaks in February or March. Through immunization now protective antibodies will be present for this time. For young babies, those with systemic diseases, diabetes, cardiac issues, and wheezing, the immunization is most important. Influenza can be a serious illness, particularly as an antecedent to pneumonia. We have ample supplies, so please call the office and arrange for this protective medicine





Affordable Care Act Providers

In spite of confusion over provider rosters, Pleasant Valley Pediatrics is now and will continue to be providers for both Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield through the insurance exchanges. During open enrollment, please look for us as providers. We hope that our participation will cuase the least amount of changes and disruption. If any questions arise, please contact our office manager Mary


Pleasant Valley Pediatrics now has influenza vaccine for children above 3 years of age. However, supplies of vaccine for those from 6 months to 3 years has been delayed nationwide. This delay has been explained by vaccine makers as due to slow manufactoring of the serum. We apologize for the delay, but expect shipments to occur in mid to late October. This is well before the peak of the influenza season which usually occurs in February and March. Please call the office within the next 2 weeks for updates.

Summer time

In preparing for summer, safety and accident prevention is of paramount importance. Please pay attention

to bicycle and water safety. Maintaining hydration and continuous sun-proofing are also important.

current recommendations include using a 15 to 30 SPF product containing either zinc oxide or


Michael Gold, M.D.


Recent developments have reinforced the need for universal immunization. Widespread polio has been

reported in Africa and in the Mid-East. With international travel, this feared disease is a plane ride away.

Additionally, the CDC just reported that there have been more cases of Measles in the first quarter of 2014

than all of 2013. Please consider that the only protection against these scourges is for our children to

be up to date on all immunization. Immunizations are a modern day miracle and their importance cannot

be over emphasized.


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